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LAS Undergraduate Students

Students earning a major or minor in Latin American Studies are diverse. Some come to the program because they are drawn to better understand their family's history, others because of a professional interest in gaining cultural competency - and many for both.

We reached out and asked our current students to share their experiences with us and tell us more about what drew them to the program. Read their profiles below (from current and recent students) to find out why they're in the LAS program and where they see themselves in five years.

Photo: Lisette Camarillo

Lisette Anabel Camarillo

Double Major
LAS; Biology

Photo: Maria Estupinan

Maria Alejandra Estupinan

Double Major
LAS; Biology

Photo: Natalie Gulan

Natalie Gulan

Double Major
LAS; Biology

Photo: Adam  Jenkins

Adam Jenkins


Photo: Amber  Martinez

Amber Nicole Martinez

Double Major
Biology; LAS

Photo: Elise  Payette

Elise Payette

Double Major; Minor
LAS and Spanish; Portuguese

Photo: Mateo  Rocha

Mateo Rocha

Double Major
Linguistics; LAS

Photo: Jeanine  Rogge

Jeanine Rogge

Double Major
Psychology; LAS